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LOST Lord of the Rings Fans Community

LOST Lord of the Rings Fans
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This community is for Lord of the Rings fans who are watching LOST and I thought it would be fun to have a place to discuss plot, characters, Dom, or whatever strikes our fancy, especially that's related to our Merry Dom as Charlie. This way, LOTR boards can't say "stop talking about LOST" and LOST boards can't say "STOP TALKING ABOUT DOM IN LOTR!" ;)

So welcome, and have fun! One request: Please put spoilers behind a cut for episodes in at least the last few weeks--a lot of people don't get to see the episodes right away.

I have decided to add a few rules:
(I may add a few more if necessary, but here's for now)

1- As mentioned above, put all spoilers for future and most recently aired few episodes behind a cut.

2- Please do not post or post links to any real person fic. If this is your interest, please confine it to your own journal and to other communities.

3- People who spam the community will be deleted as members as the spam will be removed. The moderator may decide what constitutes spam.

(Generally, if you are posting fic, I would much prefer that you post it in your journal with a link on the boards, rather than directly on the board.)

Entries that do not comply with the rules will either be deleted or edited by the moderator. (Please remember that if you don't like it here, there is lots of room on the internet for you to make your own place.)

Thank you!